P25 Solutions

Tallysman’s TruFleet Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solution for conventional and trunked P25 networks provides Emergency Management officials with information that improves situational awareness and enables them to make informed decisions based on real time updates from first responders.

The real-time mapping application provides Emergency Management personnel with a big picture overview of the situation in the field, enabling them to deploy resources in the most efficient manner and adapt quickly to changes in the status of the emergency in a real-time.

Tracking technology for Harris P25 trunked networks

Harris Corp & Tait Communications have partnered with Tallysman Wireless and Avtec experts in P25 mission critical GPS Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and I/P based Voice Console Communication solutions. The key benefits of an integrated AVL/Voice console solution include enhanced worker safety, increased productivity of field operations, shortened incident response time, improved customer satisfaction due to higher standards of performance, and reduced and controlled field operation costs.

In emergency situations, good communication and locational awareness save lives, dispatch consoles provide the vital link between dispatchers and field personnel, helping to coordinate field response and ensure the safety of personnel.