DMR II & III Solutions

DMR Conventional & Trunked Solutions

Tait Communications DMR solutions provide a unique blend of Voice Communications and Automatic Vehicle Location( AVL) designed to protect mission-critical voice performance while carrying AVL data to enhance business efficiency and safety.

Tallysman’s TruFleet Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solution is designed to take advantage of these capabilities providing operations staff with information that improves situational awareness and enables them to make informed decisions based on real time updates. The real-time mapping application provides a big picture overview of the situation in the field, enabling them to deploy resources in the most efficient manner and adapt quickly to changes in the status of the emergency in a real-time.

Balancing voice and AVL needs

Reaching the right balance between voice and data is a common challenge in radio communications. Voice call access remains vital to operations, however access for AVL data is becoming more important and requires sufficient bandwidth. The Voice/AVL balance is particularly difficult to achieve during emergencies, such as natural disasters or weather events, when voice traffic fully occupies the limited channel capacity. The Tait DMR Tier 3 trunked network maintains an optimal balance between voice and AVL updates, even during emergencies when both can be critical to the event.

During an emergency call, the speaker’s location is often very important – particularly if they are requesting help or describing a problem. The Tait DMR Tier 3 terminal can add the speakers’ location data and any relevant telemetry data from their vehicle or portable onto their transmission. This up-to-date AVL information dramatically enhances efficiency and can save lives.