MOTOTRBO™ Solutions

TruFleet® – TruFleet’s easy-to-use web-based solution lets you stay connected to your vehicles and employees around the clock. Track the location and movements of MOTOTRBO radios using GPS when outdoors and iBeacon Bluetooth technology when indoors to better manage your mobile workers.

Hosted Data Server – Tallysman Wireless TruFleet® “Cloud Based Services” program enables Channel Partners to offer Carrier Services on any radio configuration from Conventional repeater systems through to Wide Area trunking systems.

Education – Tallysman’s TruFleet™ provides an extensive suite of applications especially developed for the school bus industry, with Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), external TW200 hardware interfaces for arm, flashing light, and end-of-shift buttons, integration with Edulog scheduling software and tools for driver job ticketing.

Ready MixTallysman has partnered with industry leading Ready-Mix dispatching and accounting software vendors to provide an end-to end solution, with Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), plus extensive reports for analysis and optimization. The Ready-Mix applications can provide “button” box functionality through push-button responses to “Forms” displayed on the mike-keyboard display, to improve truck utilization, timely and accurate report of operational status and optimized vehicle utility.

TW200 SCADA – The TW200 SCADA unit provides secure and reliable end-to end SCADA and Telemetry communication over Motorola MOTOTRBO™ radio systems.  Our expertise in wireless communications can help you eliminate costly wired installations by wirelessly connecting Remote Terminal Units (RTU) in the field directly to your Supervisory Control System (SCS).